9 Glasses To Add Confidence To Your Appearance

Nowadays, the use of glasses is not only because you have to wear glasses because you have minus eyes, but can also add to the appearance and confidence of the user. Glasses are also not only made of glass but also some are made of plastic so they are not heavy and if they fall they don’t break.

The following are eyewear models that will not make you inferior and will even increase your self-confidence.

1. Whalen

Glasses for men with round shapes, which are classic but still modern because of the very attractive colors.

2. Weathers

These rectangular shaped glasses are uncomplicated crafted glasses. The shape of the front and the temples are slim, making men who wear it will cover the prominent cheekbones.

3. Wilkie

A man who feels that he is not confident with his irregular face shape, perhaps with eyebrows that do not match his eyes, because he is too short or a jaw shape that is too big, might be able to wear these Wilkie-style glasses. Because of a rectangular lens, it will increase your confidence.

4. Landon

Even this form of glasses can also be used for any male face shape. Because the lens shape is square but tilted downward and with an angled tip it will make you look more attractive.

5. Shea

If you are a woman who likes glasses with cat's eye shapes, this Shea shape is perfect for you. With the lens facing upwards, making these glasses attractive to wear.

6. Berman

These glasses have a unique shape. Because these glasses are actually rectangular in shape, but because the frame has smooth curves and is slightly rounded, these glasses still look rectangular. It is suitable for women who have a firm jaw, so will cover with these glasses.

7. Haskell

These round shaped glasses are suitable for women who want a classic eyeglass shape. The round lens shape is suitable for faces that have oval or egg-like features.

8. Simon

Another round shape glasses that are also suitable for women with oval faces. It's just a little different from the previous glasses, this Simon has a thin frame and a round, slightly pointed lens.

9. Daisy

These cat-eye shaped glasses are perfect for an understated woman, they are perfect for her. With a thin frame, so it looks slim when worn, it's very cute.