9 Ball Hammock Underwear To Replace Your Old Boxers

Shinesty underwear is known for two things: funny designs and the patented ball hammock underwear for men. Check out the cool and hilarious designs below.

1.The Big Blue

All guys probably have blue underwear somewhere. But if you need an update, then this is a good one. This is a classic-looking pair and tames by Shinesty’s standards.

2.The Blow Me Ups

This one has a funny design. But it’s still not weird or tacky. A little childish maybe. But you’re allowed to have some fun. But don’t let your mom take a closer look or she’ll discover what the animal balloons are doing.

3.The Pizza Planet

If you love pizza so much, you can show it by wearing this pair. And it’s pepperoni of course. Because everybody loves pepperoni right? Will your girl take a bite? Well, maybe you would have to deliver first. Then maybe she’ll have two slices.

4.The Naughty Bears

Kids love gummy bears. But maybe you should keep this away from them. Because if you look closely, the bears are doing something naughty. But if your girl loves gummy bears, then this is something that she’ll surely appreciate. And if you run out of ideas in the bedroom, you only need to look at the bears.

5.The Mascot

You really can’t claim to be a true patriot if you don’t have this pair. The position of the eagle’s beak is just perfect. You’ll surely be filled with national pride when you wear this. How would your girl react to it though? Maybe she’ll give you a snappy salute.

6.The Coney Islands

The hotdog reference is an old one. But you can never go wrong with a classic right? Yes, it’s cheesy (pun intended). But no one will ever blame you for not having a sense of humor if you’re wearing this.

7.The 50 Shades Of Gonads

You can’t wear goofy underwear all the time, right? And this is safe enough to wear on a first date. You may not see James Bond wearing this. But you’re not an international spy so it’s perfectly alright for you to wear this.

8.The Forni Camo

Do you have something to hide or maybe you’re just a military geek? Then this camo-print underwear may just be the pair you’re looking for.

9.The Biggest Cat

If you love big cats then you’ll surely love this pair. Wear this and show your girl who’s the real Tiger King.