7 Funny Couples' Underwear To Spice Up Your Relationship

These funny couples’ underwear can make things more interesting in the bedroom.

1.The Patriotic Pair

The eagle and the American flag are not funny by themselves. But if you see these patriotic symbols in underwear, then it becomes hilarious. What makes this funnier is the placement of the eagle’s beak. She gets a sexy thong while he gets a boxer brief.

2.The Jeanstring

Underwear made with denim is something that you probably won’t wear. That would be very uncomfortable. But you can have denim-printed panties and briefs and at first glance, it really looks like real denim. You and your partner will surely have a blast wearing these.

3.The Speed Demon

If you and your S.O. like to get wild, then this leopard-inspired pair will be your next favorite. Again, it’s all about the details with Shinesty underwear. And with this one, the leopard’s face is right at the center.

4.The Pleasure Pack

There’s a line between cheeky and sexy and this set manages to be right at the center. Without a doubt, this pack is made for long-time lovers who can already comfortably laugh at each other and still have a sexy love life.

5.Kiss Me There

Are you looking for the perfect couples underwear to put on for your romantic Christmas holiday? This is it. It has a mistletoe right smack at the center and you know what Christmas tradition says about mistletoe right?

6.The How Coke Is Made

Who would’ve thought that putting polar bears on underwear can be both funny and sexy at the same time? Well, they said these creatures like to cuddle so you can expect a lot of cuddling when you’re wearing these.

7.The Brain Freeze

Everyone loves ice cream right? But here’s one ice cream that won’t cause a brain freeze when you lick it.