8 Shapewear Pieces That Will Make The Guys Say Ahhh!

For bodysuits that are comfortable to wear, take your pick from this Spanx collection. Shapewear will never be better than these pieces that will benefit you for this winter:

1 -OnCore Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit

This shaper sculpts your shape and gives you a total transformation. But it's also light in weight yet powerful. It features a fully Bonded front panel which results in a tabletop flat stomach.

2-Higher Power Short

It's an all-day shaping sculptor that's also center seam-free. It has soft yarns and is comfortable to wear and has less squeeze. It is designed to be your everyday essential on the inside.

3-OnCore Mid Thigh Short

Transforms your beautifully with a lightweight and powerful fully bonded front panel which results in a tabletop flat stomach look. It also has edge bonded side panels for an easy fit and squeezes free slimming.

4-OnCore High Waisted Mid Thigh Short

This is a comfortable body sculpting power with minimum bulk. Its leg opening stays invisible under your clothing. This is a total transformation for you, in all the right places.

5-Power Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit

Its comfortable compression targets your tummy, thighs, and hips without making you say ouch. It lifts you behind for a pleasant rearview. Its seamless design lays flat under your clothes.

6-Higher Power Panties

Its shaping zones target your stomach but overall support with the gradual release is its goal. It has a high waist design with no muffin top. It also has rear ruching for the best looking bottom in the room.

7-Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low Back Mid Thigh Bodysuit

This is the ultimate low back low front answer when you're feeling glam! Its adjustable and convertible straps give you versatility while its shaping fabric works invisibly in the backroom to guarantee your style stands out.

8-Thinstincts® 2.0 Mid Thigh Short

This was designed to up your ante in your underwear wardrobe. It is lightweight and breathable and recommended for daily wear. It's also anti-chafing and it offers single layer targeted shaping that wraps around your body effortlessly.