7 Dressing Gown That Luxurious And Comfortable

When you have finished showering and are about to make up or just wake up, dressing gowns are the best friends to start your day. Whatever the choice of material, cotton, cashmere luxury, or fine silk, all will make you comfortable on your normal day.

1. Hooded Velour Robe

The unisex robe with the outer 100% cotton and the inside made of an absorbent cotton towel, has a hood and a pocket that is big enough, you will be comfortable wearing it.

2. Cotton Jacquard Robe

Evenings will be warmer with a jacquard robe made of 100% cotton. It has elegant intricately woven details. The kimono design is perfect for pairing with a nightgown or pajamas.

3. Unisex Cotton Classic Robe

This classic cotton robe perfectly covers you after a shower. Embellished piping on the collar and cuffs adds to the luxury of this robe. If you are confused about looking for a gift, this robe is also suitable as a gift.

4. Waffle Jersey Sleep Robe

The Sleep Robe Waffle in a neutral pale gray color is a great choice for spring. The long sleeve design with the right size looks great when you start your day.

5. Silk Robe

The pajamas are made of 100% silk which is luxurious and elegant, measuring three-quarters length for a cute silhouette. Silk is a soft and cool material, the skin will feel a comfortable sensation.

6. Unisex Hooded Ribbed Hydrocotton Robe

Beautiful Hydrocotton robes with good quality and soft wavy texture like a unique towel. This unisex robe features a large, comfortable hood.

7. Cotton Daisy Embroidered Robe

Embroidered with feminine daisies, this kimono-shaped robe is gorgeous for everyday wear. Comes with a pocket and self-tie belt to fit the wear you want to lose or fit.