The latest fashion style mostly comes from how you wear your fashion items. Moreover, we also notice that there will be big changes in the fashion style this year. Although we have already entered May, we can still expect some new trends in the fashion world that we can try. Here are some of them.

Belted Blazers

Now, there is one other way to wear your blazer. You don’t need to wear it as it is. But, you can use it as the belt. We have seen it on many runways. Therefore, we can expect that this will become the hottest trend you can find in 2019. Moreover, this style doesn’t only make you look great. You also can easily to wear it or take it off.

Mock Croc

This pattern has been revived again this year. Many girls wear shoes that have a similar mock-croc pattern with their bag. The best of all, although it used to be expensive and premium items, now, we can find the cheaper version of it, which is using a printed pattern. However, by combining the bag and boots, it will create new looks in 2019.


This is one of the hottest colors in 2019. This year the natural theme fashion becomes popular. Therefore, the green type color like Pistachio color, become more popular. It is suitable for all seasons. But, the perfect season to wear this color in the fall. That’s not all. The top collection from Gucci to Tom Ford will release the item using this color. So, we can expect something great in this color.

We can see the 3 changes will dominate the rest of this year, with the peak is the fall fashion. So, you can prepare the fashion items using those three. And, get ready to looks great for the rest of 2019.