12 Shapewear & Bodysuit To Support Women's Appearances

To support their appearance, women especially need clothes in the types of shapewear and bodysuits for the convenience of daily activities. The following are some models to choose from.

1. Suit Your Fancy Strapless Cupped Panty Bodysuit

A luxurious bodysuit suit, designed with a detachable strap so you can't see it from under your clothes. Panties with short margins and high slits. Shaping fabric that can perfectly shape your body. Available in 2 colors with sizes from XS to XL

2. Thinstincts® Thong Bodysuit

The advantages of this Thong bodysuit are its breathability, wicking, and absorbency features with a light and soft upholstery and a cotton gusset that will shape the body well but remain comfortable. Has 2 color choices and sizes from XS to 3X.

3. Spotlight on Lace Panty Bodysuit

This narrowly crafted bodysuit features gorgeous lace luxury and a panel that focuses on the belly so your tummy will look slim. The rope can be changed and adjusted as desired. Cup with double layer size 1X-3X, available in 2 beautiful colors.

4. Higher Power Panties

Comfortable everyday body support made of a soft gusset cotton blend, so you won't get cramped even if you wear it all day long. Design that focuses on the abdomen so that it will appear slim but still free to move. There are 2 color choices and sizes available from S to 3X.

5. SPANX Power Conceal-Her® Extended Length Short

Short is here for the convenience of your daily activities with lightweight and comfortable upholstery. The SPANX Power Conceal-Her® is made of a cotton gusset with no center seams to make these pants remove any visible panty lines. You can choose 2 colors available with sizes S to 3X.

6. Higher Power Capri

Pants with a design that can control the stomach and thighs so that they perfectly hide cellulite. Wearing the Higher Power Capri is like wearing stockings but without legs, comfortable and shaping the body with visible panty lines. Available in 2 colors.

7. Thinstincts® Panty Bodysuit

Bodysuit with top features such as breathability, wicking, and absorbency. It has a lightweight yet soft and elastic upholstery that will be comfortable for a full day's use. Has 2 color choices and sizes from XS to 3X.

8. Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Thong Bodysuit

Thong bodysuit with a modern, sexy, low-back, and low-front design. Whatever clothes you wear will look sexy without your underwear showing. Available in 2 neutral colors and sizes XS to XL.

9. SPANX® Arm Tights ™ Layering Piece

Arm Tights ™ with a soft, lightweight material made without seams on the arms will be perfect for your second skin. You can match it with sleeveless clothes and it will be comfortable all day long. Available in 2 colors and sizes available from XS to 2X.

10. Spanx® Arm Tights ™ Layering Piece, Turtleneck

The perfect choice to complement your underwear collection. Arm Tights ™ is made like a second skin because it is light and soft and without seams on the sleeves. There is the only black color that matches whatever color you are wearing. Available sizes from XS to 2X.

11. Spanx® Arm Tights ™ Layering Piece, Fishnet Floral

Arm Tights ™ with a beautiful floral pattern mesh design complements your everyday fashion. Arm Tights ™ are seamless on the sleeves so they are comfortable to match with any fashionable sleeveless outfit. Has 2 color choices and sizes from XS to 2X.

12. SPANX® Arm Tights ™ Layering Piece, Shimmer

Wearing these arm tights is like having a second skin, seamless design on the sleeves. With a luxurious shimmer accent so it is suitable to be inside for all forms of sleeveless clothes. Has 2 color choices and sizes available from XS to 2X.