10 Candles That Will Attract Anyone To Their Flame

There are a number of different candles on the market, but not all candles are created equal. By knowing exactly what you are getting, you can be sure that whether the candle is for you or a gift whoever gets it will be very, very happy.

1-The Natural Sleep Candle

The Natural Sleep Candle - This provides exactly what is in the name. If you want to fall asleep without unnecessary chemicals or a long, complicated process that may or may not work, this is the candle for you. You can trust it.

2-The Lime and Bay Botanical Large Candle

In this candle, you can see exactly what is working. The bay leaves on the side give it a natural, flavorful appearance.

3-The Wild Rhubarb Candle

This is possibly a not as well-known scent, but there is something to be said for new scents, as this has a depth to it that can't always be found on another lavender candle (though that can be done well too!).

4-The Winter Tealights

This set of twelve candles is very cheap and because of it, it is a good set for decorating a large venue, where you might buy a few different sets to have hundreds of candles.

5-The Signature Fig Tree Candle

This candle provides notes of both fruit and wood, to create a balanced yet rejuvenating scent.

6- The Calm Candle

This is an example of a candle meant to calm down well, and there are a number of essential oils involved to make the candle work so well.

7- The Flowers Large Candle

There are a number of different flowers in this candle, such as lavender (done well!), jasmine, rose, and many others.

8-The Seychelles Pillar Candle

By being a pillar candle, this has a different feel from the other candles on the list. Other candles come in a pillar shape, but with an Indian Ocean breeze vibe, it seems to fit best with this candle.

9-The Cassis Signature Candle

This includes notes from various wild berries and woods that give an outdoorsy vibe that isn't always found in lighter candles.

10-The Spring Candle

This includes smells from the flowers and freshly mowed grass that can bring back warmer days no matter how deep into winter you are.

As you can see, there are a lot of good options when it comes to candles, but it can help to know where to go. This list is a great place to start, and by reading over these options hopefully one sticks out to you that will be exactly right for whether it’s a gift or whether you’re just hoping to relax.